another day and more

ya know, most people think that people in nursing homes are all old people lined up against the wall in wheelchairs, drool hanging out of the sides of their mouths, the stench of human waste lining the walls of white that touch the hallowed long tile floors that glare shadows from the florescent lights above.. but guess what?? it’s not.. it might be a long shadowed hall,¬† with the flourecent lights glaring up at you, but tha’ts the problem these days with Most people, they assume.. from personal experience you can Never, and on this one you can say Never assume, Anything.. and now i’m cold and tired from gettin up at four thirty in the morning qg==when i had to lay on a cold hard narrow stretcher like table, the room was cold, really cold, where your insides shutter to warm your body.. i laid down shivering and right then a tech comes up to me with a warm blanket, folded in half so all it covered was the top of my body.. i unflold the blanket as to rap it around my body, Everything covered, including my head, except for a ¬†then they say, “can you come out of there and take your shirt off mr. hoopla?? i did what i was told, then laid back down, covered my head, and Right when i was about to doze off to wonderland, i heard, “come out from under there mr. doright, we’re done” a story i could make out of that, take you with me through it all, but my brother wants me steer away from writing about myself and go more the Help way.. i’m hoping i can do both without steeping on anyone’s wants.. now what goes therough my head is if i should publish this or not.. i’m trying to do more standing up for myself, so i guess i’m going to publish it and see what happens.. lol (laughs out loud:) and i had to go to pre-op today, which is me talking to the anethesiologist about what i’m taking, if i ever had trouble with getting knocked out, blah blah blah blah.. then they took blood and i was out of there, 3 hours later!! dangit.. and i have to go race.. i can’t hold off any longer.. see ya..may you all find peace in what you do.. later..wh

5 thoughts on “another day and more

    • i’d like to hear yours too.. just for hello’s sake but it would be damn glad to hear from you.. i miss you believe it or not.. k, see ya..

  1. I had the weirdest dream about you last night. I was in Vietnam in some big city and there was storefront with a little window. I looked inside and you were there making little stuffed bears with plastic eyes and noses and you were smiling to yourself and making each one different. Some smiling, some smirking, but none the same. Your hair was lighter and shaggy, but when you looked up, your stare was so intense it woke me up. In one part of the dream I was trying to take a photo of a very tall building, when I leaned back I fell down and landed on a hidden grave that had a headstone with a cross and two intertwined hearts, but no names. I keep replaying it in my mind.

  2. I really, really need you to message me on FB again. 1st, I need your room #. I had something special made for you for Christmas and I messaged Sam and asked him, but he never would answer me. I don’t want to mail it without your room #. Also, my boss just informed me he is moving our payday from Monday to Tuesday. I have a cut off from Duke Power for next Monday, when I’d planned to pay it. I need the last 4 #’s of your SS so I can call and make a payment arrangement, please!!! I would love to talk to you, too, but right now I have bronchitis and I can’t hardly talk. I’m also gonna message you a photo I came across the other day of a little boy I think looks like you. :)

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