post two

well, this is the second post of this, ‘under construction’ website.. it’s name changes every time i get on here, but thats ok, it’s my website right?? but i’m sitting here, butt hurting, jerry springer on tv and i’ve got a time crunch on top of that.. oh, and since one of my computer keys came off, the one i race with all the time, which that is another story that has to be finished.. anywho.. since my key is off i have to use an external keyboard that is a dell, and man is it hard ┬áto type on.. it’s one of those Old keyboard at that.. and since i have a time crunch i’m go9ng to be doing a Lot of stuff about nursing homes.. (zoo) links, pictures, that sort of stuff.. all helpfull stuff.. another, which i think is the ┬ábest one, you get to read this old fat man’s, ??, mood of the day.. lets put it that way.. thanks n later..WH

5 thoughts on “post two

  1. Yoooooohooooo! I’ve been checkin’ every day for a new post and I ain’t heard back from you on Facebook messaging either. :( Hope you’re ok!

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